Alma Signature Diamond Earrings

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"I LOVE the Alma Diamond Earrings so much, and everytime someone sings the praise of Alma it makes me so happy - and it happens quite often!", says founder and designer Ebba Kleberg von Sydow of the Alma Diamond Earrings. 

The handmade signature earring Alma is available in both 18k white gold - and also in 18k yellow gold. We always work with recycled gold. They are set with a brilliant-cut, carefully selected, natural diamond in 0.10 ct / per stone. The total weight per pair of Alma earrings is 0.20 ct. Alma are sold as a pair, or as a single earring.

Alma Diamond Earrings are classic earrings in a minimalist design, designed to be worn every day. An exclusive, beautiful gift for life.

Our signature earrings Alma are light, softly bowl-shaped in their design to fit perfectly against the ear, and emphasize the beautiful properties of natural diamonds.

The Alma Diamond Earrings are delivered in a handmade, woven box embossed with gold print and silk ribbon, from Ebba von Sydow Jewelry.

The jewelry is handmade with a solid knowledge and passion for craftsmanship and quality, in Ramat Gan in Israel. The diamond is a Top Wesselton, rare white, and is carefully selected by hand. The diamonds chosen by Ebba von Sydow Jewelry are certified by GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, one of the world's leading independent certification bodies that ensures quality and places high demands on shape, color, cut, proportions, symmetry, dimensions and carats. Certificates are not included with each separate diamond. All diamonds we use are 100% conflict free via the Kimberly Process, which is an agreement between the international diamond industry, governments and civil society organizations.


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