Tell us about the quality of the diamonds?
We carefully select each individual stone, by hand. Time consuming but extremely important, as each piece of jewelery is handmade, unique and should have a long life. We have chosen to only work with fine Top Wesselton diamonds, rare white with clarity si1 (slighty included) and cut: very good.

How are the diamonds certified?
The diamonds are carefully selected and certified by GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, one of the world's foremost independent certification bodies that ensures quality and places high demands on shape, color, cut, proportions, symmetry, dimensions and carats. Certificates are not included with each separate diamond.

What is the quality of the gold?
All jewelry is made by hand in 18 carat recycled gold, which we have consciously chosen to work with as it is classic, beautiful and durable. Carats meet in 24th parts and 24 carat gold thus corresponds to 100% gold. Our jewelry in 18 carats is thus a gold amount of 75% gold (ie 18/24).

Where is Ebba von Sydow Jewelry made?
All jewelry is handmade and made in Ramat Gan, Israel, by our jewelers. Each piece of jewelery is a unique craft made with a solid passion for quality and our production is based on a long experience from the industry, in both design and sustainability.

Are the diamonds in your jewelry conflict-free?
The diamonds are mined in Australia and are guaranteed via the Kimberley Process, a control unit that ensures that the diamonds are 100% conflict-free and produced under ethical conditions. More information can be found at KimberleyProcess.

Is it possible to order a piece of jewelery with, for example, a larger size of stone?
As all our jewelery is handmade, we may be able to offer you tailor-made variants of our minimalist design, for example with a larger stone. Contact shop@ebbavonsydow.com with your request, and we will get back with price proposals.

How do I clean my jewelry?
Advantageously clean your jewelry gently with lukewarm water, detergent and a soft toothbrush, so it stays beautiful, for life.

How do I get rid of knots on my chain?
A housewife trick that actually works well is this: Try using baby oil and a sewing needle, first let the baby oil work. Tip is to close the jewelry when not in use to minimize the risk of broken chains.

What is the difference between the signature necklace Ebba made of 10k and other jewelery in 18k gold?
We want to be able to offer the same beautiful handmade jewelry at a better price for you who prefer it. Signature necklace Ebba is in gold and NOT gilded silver. With gilded silver, there is also a risk that the paint will fade or wear off.

Where can I buy Ebba von Sydow Jewelry?
Only at www.ebbavonsydowjewelry.com and in our Pop up stores, directly from us. The reason is simply to keep the price down as much as possible for you as the end consumer.

Can I pick up my order the same day, in Stockholm?
Of course! When checking out in our online store, you can click on pick-up and then select Bookbinders Design (which we work with). During regular opening hours, you can then pick up your order in the store at Karlavägen 67 in Stockholm.

Can I sleep, exercise and shower with the necklace on?
We do not recommend that you wear the jewelery with chains during tougher workouts that can be stressful. The jewelry is of course for use in everyday life, but as with everything else, we can not 100% guarantee that nothing happens during training, for example.
Our best advice is to use the jewelry when you yourself feel safe with it and occasionally take care of your jewelry! The jewelry is preferably made clean and gentle, in lukewarm water with detergent, toothbrush and a dose of love.

Is there nickel in the jewelry?

Is it an open purchase on my order?
As a customer within the EU, you have the right to cancel your purchase against a valid receipt within 14 calendar days after you have received your goods. The product must be returned in salable condition. All returned goods are sent back together with order number and contact information to our warehouse. Unidentified items that are returned may be refused a refund. Returns that are damaged or dirty are not accepted. Ebba von Sydow AB is not responsible for return shipping. As a customer outside the EU, you have the right to cancel your purchase against a valid receipt within 30 calendar days after you have received your goods.

Can I change my jewelry?
Unfortunately, for practical reasons, Ebba von Sydow AB cannot administer exchanges of goods purchased from our web shop. Instead, return the ordered item by following the instructions you receive after contacting shop@ebbavonsydow.com. As soon as we have processed your return, you will receive a refund via the same payment method used to make the purchase. If you want a different size or color, please place a new order.

I got a wrong item / wrong jewelry?
We do our best to ensure that your jewelry is in perfect condition when we send them to you. If, contrary to expectations, you receive a damaged, incorrect or defective item: Send a PICTURE where we can clearly see the error. Send the photo attached in an email to shop@ebbavonsydow.com. NOTE, write your order number! We will get back to you as soon as possible. We are grateful if you hear from us immediately when you discover the error, so that we can help all the faster.

I want to make a return - how?
1. Find out your order number.
2. Fill in the form below - we will respond to emails with further instructions.
3. Email shop@ebbavonsydow.com for further questions or problems with the form. Normally we respond within 48 hours during working days.

How do I find out when new jewelry comes in?
You are very welcome to sign up for our newsletter. Keep an eye on our Instagram @ebba_jewelry for new drops and upcoming releases.