The Matilda Eternity Diamond Necklace

Posted by Ebba Mary Matilda Kleberg von Sydow on

"I wanted to create a beautiful infinity sign, with handpicked natural diamonds", says founder and designer Ebba Kleberg von Sydow of the Matilda Diamond Necklace.

"Handmade jewelry takes time - and a lot of love, which is why I'm extra proud of this elegant, handmade eternity sign with carefully selected diamonds, set in 18k recycled gold", Ebba Kleberg von Sydow continues. 

"Did you know that the sign of eternity symbolizes eternity, self-power and eternal love BUT that the infinity symbol can mean different things to all people. What does it mean for you? It's up to you, and I love that", says Ebba. 

The gold chain that carries the Matilda Diamond Necklace is sheer but still durable, created to be a perfect "every day" piece of jewlery. The Matilda Chain is slightly longer than our other chains (though adjustable) so you can choose how you want to style and wear it ...

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